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Картина: Зима в місті. Замок Річарда.Картина: ДощитьКартина: Дощ в містіКартина: Місто взимку. ВечірКартина: Червоні квіти в двох вазонахКартина: Вазон жовтих квітівКартина: Місто зимоюКартина: Натюрморт з двома вазонами

Genre of painting


In painting – is a picture, representing nature in some locality (a country, city, plain, grove, sea, etc.). Landscape canvases of past epochs artists or modern painters appear in front of us as lyric meditation about the mutual relations of man and nature, frequently emerging as wise teachers. The landscapes show us the infinite charm of our planet.


In painting – is a man or groups of people representation by artistic facilities. The purpose of this genre is depicting of model visual character. Portrait represents an external look , but through it the internal world of man too.

Directions of painting


(from French “l'impression” – impression) is a transmission on the canvas of the first impression from seen, and also the transient, elusive states of the soul. Correlation between a color and light is achieved through clean paints instead of mixed ones on a palette. The separate strokes in confluence create the necessary picturesque feeling for a spectator. This technique helps to reflect the element of light, unsteadiness of atmosphere, vibrating transparency of air.
Representatives of impressionism — Ezhen Buden, Yonkind, Kurbe, Edward Mane, Claude Mone, P'er Ogyust Renuar, Kamil Pissarro.


(from French “surrealism” – superrealism)) is a direction in art, which is distinguished by the use of illusions, unexpected combinations of forms .
Surrealism is a combination of dream and reality. The main purpose of surrealists was a spiritual rise and separation of spirit from material, ordinary one .
«Surrealism is me», — said Dali, the brightest representative of this flow.


In wide sense Модернизм includes cubism, dadaism, surrealism, futurism, expressionism, abstract art, functionalism, etc. The different dates of Modernism origin are named in the fine arts, for example 1863 – the year of "Salon outcasts" opening, where works, blamed by judges of the official Salon, were adopted. "Salon outcasts" was visited by mass of people - mainly in order to jeer at the linens proposed there. Specifically, the picture "Breakfast on a grass" by Mane was ridiculed hardly.