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Execution of caricature

caricature  from nature


 caricature from nature

Drawing caricatures from nature.You can present yourself or the near man with mood.
Such work by format of А3 or А4 costs 80 UAH ($10)


caricature from a photo

Drawing caricatures from photos to yourself or as an unexpected pleasant gift for other man. Our masters will execute this work with sense and delicate flair of character and features of personality.
The cost of caricature from a photo is 100 UAH ($12)


corporate evening-parties

You can invite a caricaturist to corporate evenings and holidays and Your evening-party will convert into a humorous show. At the end of a measure an anchorman hands pictures each personally and then everyone laughs showing the masterpieces to each other. Work of caricaturist is paid from a calculation 450 UAH/hour ($55/hor). For large collectives it is recommended to order two masters.

caricature from nature
caricature from a photo
caricature from a photo


Portrait on an order

What does an artistic portrait differ a picture from? A portrait is executed by a painter - master who reflects not only visual likeness of man, but his internal world. Character of personality, his hidden qualities and also feature of moment can be expressed here.

In our age of digital nanotechnologies a portrait, executed with a paintbrush, becomes exclusive and even ideal. Any number of mega-, giga-, and even tera-bites can only get around him, but not attain.

You can order a portrait to the holiday (for example to the anniversary), or simply present to yourself or the near man unforgettable, unique and constantly growing in a price gift.